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Housing costs keep rising...with no end in sight



Our younger generations are struggling to become home owners, and barely able to afford rent. My own daughter, who is an elementary teacher, has been facing the seemingly impossible task of obtaining a home. We have to find common sense solutions to the increasing housing crisis.

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We need more affordable housing


Affordable housing has been a topic of discussion in Olympia for many years, yet policies put into place by the majority party seem to be doing the exact opposite.


In recent years, we have seen many proposals introduced to attempt to help add more housing without addressing the root cause of affordable housing which is the costs of
getting into a home.

A recent reports show that Washington State is short 250,000 units to meet our housing needs. We need to cut excess fees and regulations, allowing developers to increase our supply in housing.


Achieving more affordable housing cannot be done overnight. However, adjusting our approach to the housing crisis should change. 


As your Senator, Bill Boyce will work to introduce proactive and practical legislation to increase opportunities for affordable housing options in our communities.

  1. More middle housing
    • Condominiums are great for both first time home buyers and for those that aren’t looking at moving into a larger home. Bill supports more legislation like SB 5024, which reduces barriers on building condos. Bill believes that we can go further and do more to encourage condo building.


      2. End excessive fees and regulations

  • A study in 2021 shows that over $90,000 is tacked on to housing prices due to fees and regulations at all levels. Bill supports removing redundancies in the permitting process, keeping costs down for new construction.

      3. Property tax exemptions

  • SB5463, proposed in the Legislature this year, would have exempted the first $250,000 of assessed property value from property taxes, but the bill wasn't even allowed to get a vote. This bill would provide real relief for homeowners..

With Bill as our Senator, he will work to make it possible to afford and attain a house. More and more of our children and grandchildren can no longer afford to live where they grew up. We need to change our approach to the housing crisis and start making real inroads in constructing more affordable housing.

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