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Policy Priorities


Serving on the Kent City Council for 11 years and 16 years on the Kent School District Board, Bill has seen a lot of policies be implemented. At the City Council, Bill has worked to ensure that the City is transparently doing its job while also being fiscally mindful. Bill wants to lower the regressive taxes targeting our middle-class and low-income families.

Police Reforms:

Democratic Governor Gary Locke appointed Bill to the oversight and accountability to police officers as the civilian at large representative on the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission. Bill has seen the hard work that our police officers do for their community and wants to invest in more officers and better training and holding officers accountable to keep our communities safe.


When he is not representing the Kent community, Bill has been a Human Resource leader for the Boeing Company for over 30 years. In this position, Bill knows what it takes to provide benefits for Boeing employees and ensure they are getting paid. However, in recent years, the legislature has started to eat away at employees' paychecks. Bill is committed to giving people back that money and repealing the so-called "Long Term Care" income tax.

Long Term Care:


Affordable Housing:

Our youngest generations are struggling to afford to buy their first homes. Bill is committed to working on bringing housing affordability back to Washington State and ensuring that our kids and grandchildren can afford to live in this great state.

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