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Bill believes that a women's reproductive health is a decision made by a woman and her doctor.

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Bill's opponent is spending over $100,000 on a misinformation campaign about Bill's stance on women's reproductive health.

These harmful mistruths are not only unequivocally wrong, but it is an attempt to sway voters with dirty politics.

These texts are going out to voters in the 47th district, redirecting to a website full of misinformation. Our campaign wholly and flatly refused endorsements from hate groups and returned any money that was sent.

"For my opponent to tell voters that I share the values of a group with such extremist rhetoric is flat wrong. Anyone who knows me understands that my campaign is centered on the values of inclusion, compassion and acceptance." - Bill Boyce to the Kent Reporter

You can read Bill's full statement on refuting the endorsements here


I believe that women's reproductive health is a decision made by a woman and her doctor.

I believe that life is precious and should be preserved whenever possible, however, I recognize that this is not always an option.

The people of Washington have spoken clearly, and I have and will continue to listen!

I would like to keep abortion safe and legal. This is what I will stand for when I am on the floor of the legislature as your State Senator.As your elected leader I will represent the voices of all people.

I will support choice and protect it.

When on the floor I will fight for accessible healthcare especially for our most vulnerable populations.

Everyone should have access to affordable, quality healthcare and healthcare education.

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