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Students are being left behind and we need to help

Students have fallen behind the past two years, with many still testing behind pre-pandemic scores. Teachers are doing all they can, but are lacking support. Instead of spending so much on administration, we need to direct more funding to the classroom...where it's needed most.

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Our students deserve more


As a former school board president, Bill Boyce has the passion and experience to advocate for improved student achievement. As our Senator, Bill will demand that schools, tutoring programs and our great teachers are fully funded to help them catch up and excel.

In recent years, the public education system has seen a lack of support for teachers to do what is necessary to educate our children. Teachers are continuously seeing requirements that are outside of their normal job scope being added to their already growing plates.


And now more funding is being focused on administrative costs rather than providing our students and teachers with the tools that they need. Education used to be over 50% of the state's operating budget, but it is now below that and the costs of our educational system aren't getting lower, in fact they are growing.

We all have a stake in our children's educational success, and we need to be doing everything possible to help them get back on track and succeeding in the classroom.



A recent Seattle Times article reports that many of our kids are still testing under pre-pandemic levels. We can't allow our children to be left behind.


As your Senator, Bill Boyce will work to introduce proactive and practical legislation to get our kids back on track and see success in the classroom.

  1. Fully fund our schools
    • Bill will vote to fully fund our schools so that our students, and teachers can catch up after losing the last two years to the pandemic.


      2. Special education and mental health

  • Each year more kids struggle emotionally as well as academically. Schools need the resources to give students ALL the support they need. That means investing more in special education and mental health care for our students.

      3. Make trades a priority

  • Bill supports and will advocate bringing trade programs to schools and allowing those who don't want to go to college an opportunity to prepare for higher paying jobs right out of high school.

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